Low Voltage Detector
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Low Voltage Detector

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Low Voltage Detector

The live tester is a non-contact voltage detector

How to operate:

  1. Insulated electric pen with no contact, sealed with plastic for safety when checking electricity, eliminating the risk of electric shock.

  2. When the pen tip detects voltage, the white part will light up and beep, making it simple to identify live wires and determine which ones are carrying dangerous voltage.

  3. The sensor pen features a button in the center. Press it to activate a bright LED on the tip, which can serve as a flashlight. This is especially useful in poorly lit work areas, allowing for easy measurements without the need for a separate flashlight!

  4. The shell of the pen is made from injection-molded AS material, resulting in a sleek and tidy appearance.

  5. The components include LED lights, resistors, plastic tubes, springs, and other necessary parts.

  6. Function: voltage testing; measurement range: 90-1000V.

Material: ABS plastic
Frequency range: 50 to 500 Hz
Test voltage range: 90-1000V AC
Safety level: 1000V, CAT IV


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