10inch Wooden Pole Climber
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10inch Wooden Pole Climber

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Wooden Pole Climber Climbing Shoes

The climbing tree spikes is intended for use by workers who need to climb wooden poles at heights while being supported. It should be designed to be easily attached to shoes using straps, allowing the wearer to work on wooden poles for extended periods of time.

The climbing device will be provided in pairs, with a left and right unit. Each complete set should weigh no more than 7kg.

The wooden climbers should be suitable for concrete poles with a top diameter of 190mm, a taper of 13mm, and lengths ranging from 10-15m.

The climbing shoes should come in sizes that can be fitted onto boots of sizes 8, 9,10, 11,and 12,13,14inch.


Climber’s foot-support shall be made of steel with moving parts made of steel.

Buckles shall be made of galvanized steel

production assurance description

  1. Our mountaineers are manufactured in accordance with the design and regulations set by local authorities. We guarantee the quality of our products for six months under normal usage conditions.

  2. The following situations are not covered by our quality assurance:

  • Distortion resulting from applying stress beyond the specified testing load.

  • Corrosion caused by exposure to moisture.


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